Tampa Personal Injury Lawyer, Mike Rossi, Talks About Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage (also called UM or UIM coverage): This coverage is for when you or another covered person is injured as a result of an accident caused by someone that is uninsured (does not have Bodily Injury Liability coverage) or who does not have enough BI coverage (underinsured). When this coverage is purchased, you or other covered persons will have available to them the amount of coverage selected (Again, you can purchase coverage in different amounts (ex: $10,000.00, $100,000.00, etc.). You can select stacked or non-stacked coverage; meaning if you pay for “stacked” coverage you can add together (stack) the policy limit amounts based on the number of vehicles you are insuring and that amount of coverage will be available in the event of a covered loss.

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Michael J. Rossi, PA

I am a personal injury attorney that has practiced law in Florida since 1990.
After representing insurance companies and their insureds for over eight years and taking part in the litigation of hundreds of lawsuits, I opened my own practice working exclusively on behalf of people injured by the negligence of others. My areas of practice include Auto, Motorcycle & Truck Accidents, Slip & Fall Accidents, Insurance Claims and Traffic Tickets.

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